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II. Board Duties

1.  President

    The role of the President should be to lead the efforts of Projects, to coordinate all Committee Chairs, to manage the scheduling of meetings, both of the Officers and Members, and to determine the agenda for the monthly meetings.  It is expected that the President will attend all official meetings and be available to members for reasons pertaining to the Alaqua Lakes Ladies Association.

    The President must keep track of all funds along with the Treasurer and insure that finances are managed according to the decisions of the Board and Members of the Alaqua Lakes Ladies Association.

    The President is also the official representative of the Alaqua Lakes Ladies Association and must act in the best interest of the Alaqua Lakes Ladies Association at all times.

    In the event of inability to serve as President, the Vice-President will act in her place.

2.  Vice-President

    The Vice-President will oversee all Committee Chairs, act as contact between the Board and Chairs, and also coordinate the Committee activities calendar.

    The Vice-President will serve as pro tempore for the President and/or Secretary, if either shall be unable to serve.

3.  Secretary

    The Secretary will serve as the official recorder of all meeting minutes, both for Board Meetings and monthly Member Meetings and she will read the previous meeting minutes aloud at each meeting.  She will retain the minutes in an Alaqua Lakes Ladies Association Ledger and make them available to Alaqua Lakes Ladies Association Members for review.

    The Secretary will serve as pro tempore for the Vice-President if she is unable to serve.

4.  Treasurer

    The Treasurer will accurately manage the Alaqua Lakes Ladies Association checking account, pay all approved invoices, and reimburse Members as needed.  She will work with the Membership Chair to insure that Annual Dues and fees are collected accurately.

    The Treasurer is responsible for filing any necessary documents with the government related to the Alaqua Lakes Ladies Association account as needed (tax returns).

    The Treasurer will prepare and present both an oral and written budget report at monthly Alaqua Lakes Ladies Association Board Meetings and Member Meetings.

    In the event of inability to serve as Treasurer, the President will act in her place.

5.  Charity Chairperson

    The Charity chairperson will manage all fundraising activities relative to our selected charities.

 The charity chairperson will attend all Board meetings.  

 The Charity chairperson will keep track of all income and expenses for all charitable works and report the financial records to the Board.

6.     Board Duty Passed May 2009 -When a past or present Alaqua Lakes Ladies Association Member passes away, the sitting Board should make appropriate immediate decisions regarding flowers, gifts, etc.  A Memorial Committee will then be formed by sitting Board and other invited members to determine appropriate long term memorial.  Those people will continue on that Committee until final memorial donation/actions have been completed in deceased member’s honor.”

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