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Alaqua Lakes Ladies Association

Articles of Association
    Be it known that we, as members, do hereby associate ourselves as a social body and the following are our Articles of Association.


Article 1
The name of our social club shall be the Alaqua Lakes Ladies Association.  Our club commenced its existence as the Alaqua Lakes Ladies Association when the founding members approved its articles on August 13, 2002.  Bonnie Stuart, President; Linda Scheff, Vice-President; Diane Stevenson, Secretary; and Debbie Moore, Treasurer, subscribed these articles.  These women governed the association for the first year of its operation.  Each year a new Board is selected from the membership by a nomination and voting process as set forth in the By-Laws.

Article 2
The purposes for which our association is formed are the following:

To generate funds for the designated charities as set forth in the By-Laws.
To have social groups and activities reflecting the interests of that membership.  No part of the assets or income of this association shall benefit or be distributable to the members of said association except for the payment of reasonable compensation for office supplies as needed to send newsletters and/or flyers, maintain generally accepted accounting practices, and standard secretarial functions that said member would incur while conducting business in the name of Alaqua Lakes Ladies Association.

Article 3
The principal office shall be at 4185 West Lake Mary Boulevard PMB 155, Lake Mary, FL 32746.

Article 4
The affairs of the association shall be governed by a Board consisting of five officers as defined in the By-Laws.  The elections will occur in May according to the By-Laws.  The Board shall meet monthly prior to the meeting of the entire membership to discuss an agenda as per the By-Laws.

Article 5
 All Board members must possess the same qualifications, which is that they are residents of Alaqua Lakes.

Article 6
 If a vacancy exists on the Board due to a death or resignation, the Board will fill this vacancy from the membership as stipulated in the By-Laws.

Article 7
 These articles may be amended by a three-fourths vote of the membership in attendance at monthly meetings.  The Board may adopt By-Laws that are not inconsistent with the Articles.  By-Laws may be amended by a three-fourths vote of the membership in attendance at monthly meetings.  Notice of all meetings is sent to members or the committee set forth in the By-Laws shall call them.

Article 8
 The membership of the Alaqua Lakes Ladies Association shall consist of full members who have all the rights and privileges of the membership unless otherwise stated in these Articles or in the By-Laws.  The Board shall not terminate or reduce the rights of any member unless they move from the development, in which case their right to be an officer of the club is revoked.  Nothing herein contained shall preclude the Board from expelling a member upon good cause shown and after notice and opportunity to be heard.

Article 9
 Any resident of Alaqua Lakes can be eligible to be an officer; the only requirement is residency in Alaqua Lakes as of the date that they are elected to office.  If said officer subsequently moves, the officer shall remain on the Board until their term has expired, providing that the officer can fulfill the duties as outlined in the By-Laws; and if not, the officer must resign.

Article 10
 No part of the activities of this association shall be political, in terms of influencing any legislation or endorsement of political candidates.

Article 11
 Upon the dissolution of this association the Board shall, after paying any debts, dispose of the assets of the association to one or more of the selected charitable organizations named in the By-Laws.


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